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How do I find my yacht here?

We have several features that make your search easier.

At the top of the line, you can enter the yacht you are looking for with brand and model.

To view all listed yachts, click on "Yachts for sale".

Here are all yachts shown.
The sorting can be adjusted according to your wishes. If you want to further limit the search, click on "search".
You can limit the search of yachts for price, size, hull shape, material and more.

Also, the search result can be displayed on a world map with the moorings of the yachts.

We are happy if you can easily find your desired yacht here on this page.

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You are looking for your yacht and would like to buy one?

Here you will find various yachts, in all sizes and price ranges, catamarans and fully equipped cruising yachts.
On our website you will also find more information about the equipment and also specifications for a registration.
We advise you gladly and we are happy if we can help you with your search for your yacht.

You want to sell your yacht?

We are happy to offer your yacht for sale and are looking for a buyer.
Your yacht will be listed in our websites for sale and in several websites worldwide.
We have partners in different countries of the world who can support a local sale. The lists in our websites for free.
We are only paid if we have found a buyer and the yacht has been sold by us.

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